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8 Dates Through Dec 03, 2020

Peregrination / pɛr ɪ grəˈneɪ ʃən /
1. to travel from one place to another; journey.
2. to travel through or over; traverse.

Thad Anderson, Chris Brannan, and Diana Reichenbach present an intimate premiere of their new multimedia collaboration, PEREGRINATION.

PEREGRINATION is a multimedia work combining stunning landscape cinematography and live video processing along with composed electronic audio and live improvised percussion elements. Intended to take the viewer on a journey from the comfort of their home, this project is a collaboration designed for presentation using modern video conferencing platforms (Made for Pandemic™).

Each premiere event will have a limited digital audience gathering to allow for intimate conversation and viewing experience. The artists will provide background information on the collaborative process, production details, and their vision for the project. After the presentation of the work, there will be a Q&A period and a general discussion between artists and audience.

The Zoom video conferencing platform will be used for each presentation. Zoom meeting links will be provided via email after tickets have been purchased and as we near the event date. All events are scheduled in Eastern Standard Time (EST). Each show will be approximately 45-minutes in length.


Thad Anderson is a composer and percussionist whose work focuses on the merging of contemporary music and technology. An Associate Professor of Music at the University of Central Florida, Anderson coordinates the Percussion Studies program, is artistic director of the UCF New Music Ensemble, and teaches courses in music technology.

Chris Brannan is a filmmaker with ten-plus years of editing projects for HBO, PBS, Disney, Discovery, SyFy Network, HGTV, Food Network, and other outlets for broadcast, web, and immersive spaces. His latest project, a documentary short, FINDING TYLER, is set to premiere early in 2021.

Diana Reichenbach is an award-winning multimedia artist with experience leading global large-scale immersive projects. Her short films have screened at festivals worldwide including Ottawa International Animation Festival, Animafest Zagreb, Burning Man Festival, and Bonnaroo. She has created commissioned work for Virgin Atlantic Airways, the City of Baltimore, and the Museum of Arts and Sciences Macon through grants from the Knight Foundation and the National Endowment of the Arts.


These shows are limited, so don't wait to purchase your ticket. Tickets are per household sharing a device. There are three ticket options available for each performance:

  • Premium: $20.00 minimum, your support will allow us to continue to create these types of collaborative projects. If you would like to contribute more than the other pricing tiers, use this option to set your own amount (the minimum is $20.00). Each premium ticket holdrer will receive an audio recording of the unique performance that you attended as well as download codes for Thad Anderson's August and Lines & Spaces records.
  • General: $10.00, general admission pricing to attend the performance. Each general admission ticket holder will receive an audio recording of the unique performance that you attended.
  • Student: $5.00, student admission pricing to attend the performance. We use the honor system.


  • Take a moment to make sure your Zoom application has been updated to the latest version. You can update at
  • Use headphones to fully immerse yourself in the audio (over-the-ear variety are recommended).
  • Use a larger screen to take in the stunning cinematography.
  • Attendees will be asked to turn their camera off when it is time to begin the performance portion of the event. Otherwise, we would enjoy seeing your faces.
  • If possible, the use of a wired internet connection is advised.


We are hard at work to ensure that our presentations and your experience runs smooth and is free of any technical problems. By purchasing a ticket you agree that any problems or issues caused by using the Zoom video conferencing platform or Internet Service Providers is not the responsibility of the artists or Plus Two Media.


Attendees will need access to a device running the Zoom video conferencing platform. You will need a Zoom account in order to join the meeting. Signup is free and easy, but plan ahead so you are ready for the start of the show. All events are scheduled in Eastern Standard Time (EST).